I am Such Big Rubber Balls Mum 😂

Big, plump, inflated, rubber balls.


Santa brought Mini-Me a “Fun hopper”.  (I have no idea if that is the correct name for the magical spherical delights, but that’s what myself and my siblings called ours on Walton Mountain many moons ago.  It was blu and had Zig & Zag on it. Good times…)

I hear a rumour that while Santa and Mrs Claus were perusing the workshop for toys that Mini-Me would enjoy, that Mr Claus dismissed the big yellow bouncy thing as pointless ahd a waste of money, whereas Mrs C, who also had a fun hopper as a child many centuries ago, dismissed HIS dismissal and chose it anyway because she knew best and Mrs Claus’s decisions always trump Mr Claus, because despite being a hardworking, clever and  legendary man, he’s still not quite as hardworking, clever or legendary as his wife. Obviously.
And so the magical yellow funhopper with the face of a minion made its way through the dark skies on SC’s sleigh, and into the stocking of Mini-Me.
And oh how glad S-Mum is that Mrs Claus didn’t pay any attention to her Him, because not only is the fun hopper EXACTLY as much fun and craic as she remembers it to be, it is BETTER!
She hasn’t left it since she opened it.  If she has to get something from her room, she uses the hooper to go there. Princess is getting hours of fun from rolling over it, chasing Mini-Me on it and trying to eat it. And my Him, who would NEVER question Hims’s wife’s judgement like thon Santa Twat, has even admitted to it being one of the best toys brought by Santa. (He especially enjoys kicking it out from under her while she bounces.  This is not cruel. It’s teaching her life skills. 🤐😂)
I should admit that it’s not the first big, fat, inflatable rubber ball to have entered our home.

It is not yellow.  It is pink.

It did not have a handle by which S-Mum could boince it up and down the hall.

It was declared pointless ahd ridonkulous and banished to the naughty step of the attic…

It was permitted off the naughty step only when S-Mum hit the upturned turtleness of the third trimester and declared her tailbone fooked.

 Apparently it is helpful for comfortable sitting.  
This is true, but S-Mum’s arse was soooooo inflated that she couldn’t quite get up off the inflated ball and so deemed it too dangerous and never sat on it again. Until AFTER the baby was born when once again, nature had kicked her tailbone up her arse and made the simple pleasure of sitting, quite horrific.  It was used to sit on while watching Coronation Street thereafter, until the cruel sofa could be tolerated once again.  I became quite the expert on the ball actually.  I could even eat a bowl of Cheerios while sitting on it… 

Skill yes?
But since the return of a functioning posterier, the big pink ball has been a thing of ornament in the hall.  It was destined once again for the attic, but the recent arrival of the minion ball has given the big pink ball a new fate…a new purpose.
It is now used by Mini-Me to roll upon and chase Princess up the hall as she half walks/half crawls around, dragging the minion ball with her.
The craic!

The Noise!

The balls.😂


Ever. 😂😂
Do you have an inflatable rubber ball? If not, get one. 😂
I saw them for €6.99 in Smuffs if you don’t want to wait for Santa, sorry,  Mrs Claus to deliver!  😂😂😂

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