I am Stuffed Mum

Happy Easter S-mummers! Today, it’s all about the eating. 

This morning, Mini-me is suspiciously quiet in the kitchen. I voice this observation to Husband, who instantly looks guilty and replies with an “Ermmmmm”. 

I hot foot it to the other room, to find Madam on top of the sofa with half of an Easter Egg in each hand! She was grinning like a Cheshire Cat and was as happy as the proverbial pig. Chocolate for breakfast (Yes I know… despite my promise that that would never happen!). 

But hey! It’s Easter Sunday. She’s hyped up on sugar. We had chocolate with every meal. We ate chocolate between every meal. We made a chocolate butterfly cake for dessert. The eggs have all been anhialated and I’m on the same sofa now, resembling an upturned turtle;  A happy upturned turtle at that. 

Happy Easter! 

I am Stuffed Mum. 😉 

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