I am Seriously technologically stooopid Mum

My brain is MUSH.
Sticky, messy, useless MUSH.πŸ’©
It took me an hour to figure out how to put the links for the voting into a post.  

Thanks to a lovely S-Mum who sent me a message with simple Silly-Mummy step-by-step instructions on how to personalise the links. I hope I’ve (she’s) made it a bit easier to cast your votes.
 It seems that although I THINK I’m computer literate, being able to navigate Bookface and Instagranny (really badly I may add…) doesn’t quite cut it.  

And the Tweeter freaks the Twit out of me.  I use it at a distance.  I literally stay as far away from the screen as possible because I’m afraid someone is going to DESTROY me for mistagging or accidentally retweeting their tweetering?
Mini-Me can work the tellybox better than I can and Princess will no doubt be able to teach me all I need to know about such stuff in approximately 3 years.

Which might be handy because apparently Bloggers are in tune with all of this stuff.  They talk about linkies and hashtags and all sorts of terrifying things and I’m standing here watching in awe, like the kid in the playground who doesn’t have a mobile.πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
I’m still proud of myself for being able to use the fricken washing machine without having to call my Mum. 

 I get SUCH a sense of ACHIEVEMENT when I know I need to change the settings from a 40Β° to a 60Β° wash. I figured that one out all by myself.

  I am a proper, bonafide and very mature, grown-up Domestic Goddess, thank you.
Just bow before me and call me Supermum…(but don’t you Dare ask me what ANY of the other settings are!) πŸ˜‚
So while the REAL blogger types on the Shortlist that I fell onto by mistake, get their Tweetsickle and Snappychat on, I’ll stay here, safe and cozy in my Bookface corner, where all I really have to do is type my random S-mumblings and hit publish. 
 And if I get stuck, I’ll ask Mini-Me to help me, or I’ll follow Princess’s example and hide behind the curtains.


Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote and to share, and Cheers to all of the lovely comments.

You really are a FABLIS bunch of S-Mummies. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
#SMum 😘😘😘

Here are quick linkies to my vote pages.




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