I am Sipping Coffee at 5.30am Mum

​People often ask why I get up at 5.30am. 

The question is usually hidden in words such as “You’re up since WHAT time?” Or “WTF?” or “Are you out of your MIND?” and accompanied by a LOOK of horror and incredulity.
From now on, I shall simply direct those who do not understand, to look at this image. 👇👇👇👇

I ONLY get to the bottom line if I get up when it’s STILL DARK, so NOW do you see?
I am doing humanity and the general population of Letterkenny a HUGE favour by rising this early.

I can be quite the grumpy bitch see, and coffee helps me to be nice. ☕

It’s magic.
As is having a few hours of Me-time. 

Never underestimate the blissful calm of your messy kitchen at stupid o’clock.  
An hour of early morning quiet, a full, uninterrupted shower, an empty coffee cup, seeing the sky suddenly not be black anymore… take the little things where you get them my Darlings.
They really are precious.

So, drink that coffee.☕
Oh.  And your challenge for the day? 

Be nice. 

You never know who you’re helping with a smile. 😆😆

Happy Monday my Pretties.


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