I am So Screwed Mum

This photograph is evidence that Mini-Me and I don’t spend every waking moment screaming at each other like feral wilderbeast.


However, if you look closely, you can see that she is not looking directly at me. NO, this Doll is looking WAY over my head and 5 steps ahead of me, which is where she is ALL THE TIME.

Today, as she’s starting her usual “in-Granny-behaviour” of not listening to a word I say, doing everything in her little power to get me shouting and generally being a little fart, I stopped her in her tracks.
“Now, do NOT start this nonsense please. You promised Mammy you’d listen to me if we called in to see Granny.”

“Eh WHEN exactly did I pwomise dat?” (WTF?)

“Excuse me?” (She is genuinely asking… and I remember that ACTUALLY, she HAD NOT promised any such thing.)

“I do NOT wememba pwomising dat I’d be good.”

Do you know how you know you are screwed? When you Look at Granny Dearest and even SHE is gobsmacked.

Seriously Ladies.
She’s 5. (and a half and three quarters granted, but still!)
Tell me it’s not just me who has a drama Diva!?

How was your day? 😂

One thought on “I am So Screwed Mum

  1. Maria I know many people who have little girl drama queens trying to test you every minute of their waking life. Hold your ground! Be strong !



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