I am Sausages, sh*t & Spuds Mum

This evening was all about the S.
S is for Sausages that got so burnt because I was explaining to Mini-me that she doesn’t need to worry about the world exploding and everyone dying…

S is also for Shit. As in the Shit that happened inside AND outside the nappy that didn’t work on my Twoubler’s bum. 

“Come so Mammy can change your Bum!” 

“Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit!” Sang Mammy.


In the nappy. 

ON the nappy.

On the vest.

On the jeans.

On the FLOOR! 

On my hands.

On HER hands.
All in the space of 2.6 SECONDS…
And of course, as Princess is repeating EVERYTHING at the minute, you can imagine what she was singing in the kitchen, bare bummed, when The Him got home…
And S is is for Spuds which is all they got for dinner tonight because of the burnt Sausages…
Supermum my Sausages… 

Sausages, Shit and spuds.


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