I am Saying Happy 60th Daddy

granda2My Daddy is the King of the Whole Wide World.* (official title decreed by me)

And today my Daddy turns 60.

How fablis!


“Your parents are so young!”  I hear this often.  As Daddy turns 60, I see people’s brains doing the maths! It’s great that my parents are young. And yet while they had me when they were only 20, they were older than I am now when my youngest sister was born. And so my parents know what BOTH are like; to be young parents and to be not so young parents.

So which is best?  Well that is for another post… but my Daddy Bear remains young in his antics and his heart!

granda 3

Clowning around at our wedding!


I am blessed to still have both of my parents and even more blessed that they are young and healthy. Being 31 when Mini-Me was born, (and trust me, that was young enough for me!), I often shudder when I consider that when she is my age, I shall be 67. (I hope!)  And to think that I’ll be 72 when Princess reaches where I am now, puts the fear of God in me. I just hope I’m still around to annoy them!

And so my wee Daddy, who is the ABSOLUTE King of my world, is 60. He is my rock. He is my guiding light.  Sometimes, he has been my truth barer and by GOD has he had the brunt of it with me. He has done EVERYTHING for the 6 of us.  He still busts himself every day to provide for us.  He works harder than any other man I know and he has taught me every single thing that I know.

The main things he taught me?

  1.   If you want it, work for it, earn it, deserve it. (Yup!)
  2.  Your morning is your day. (as she types at 5.30am!)
  3.  Remember who has the problem.  (There’s the elixer of life in a single sentence right there. Make it your mantra.)

There is no one in the world who can talk sense into me like Daddy.  I am his double in every way.  We have had epic fun and we have had epic battles. What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? Well, eventually the unstoppable force realises that the immovable object is usually right and that she should just have listened to him in the first place.  The minute I realised that Daddy was and is usually right, my life became easier instantly!  What a waste of teenage angst eh?

Not only is he the best Daddy in the world, there is no Granda in the world as much in love with his Grandkids as he is. He is so like MY Granda, his Daddy, who was the centre of our world. And he is idolised and adored by his little herd of kiddies. He is strong and kind and genuine and amazing.

He is my Daddy and I am the luckiest girl in the world.  (and he loves me more than he does the other 5.  He’s loved me the longest like!)


Happy Birthday my Daddy Bear. Here’s to the rest.

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