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girlsMaria is Donegal’s Award Winning Parenting Blogger and a witty and powerful writer.
The S-Mum Blog is hugely popular all over Ireland and the UK.  It was recently named “Best Parenting Blog 2018” at the Boots/Maternity & Infant Awards in Dun Laoghaire.



Writing as The S-Mum since February 2015, her blog captures the realities of being a busy Mum to two little girls.
Maria’s realistic and no nonsense approach to Mammyhood and the rollercoaster that is parenting, has been gratefully received by her audience. Mammy doesn’t hide behind filters and her language can sometimes be colourful.
As well as being a full-time Mammy, Maria is Head of English & Drama in a prestigious Irish speaking Secondary School in Letterkenny.  She is hugely involved in Musical Theatre, spending her “spare time” as Director of Letterkenny Musical Society or training in the family business, Rushe Fitness.
She writes a weekly parenting column in Donegal Woman called “Thoroughly Modern Mammy” and is featured on creators.ie and The M Word.
She recently featured in LIFE Magazine, gracing the cover! IMG_20181021_120803_588.jpg
Maria is currently finishing her first novel “Love Me More” and is seeking a literary agent.
She is also ready to publish “The InstaMammy Memoirs” which is based on this blog and which aims to smash the Instamum BS and Sanctimammious behaviour which makes her cross.
One of Mammy’s biggest cheerleaders is the amazing Gill Sims of Why Mummy Drinks and Why Mummy Swears.  Gill recently named The S-Mum as one of her favourite blogs on a live interview with HELLO magazine.
Mammy enjoys good food, wine and hitting things in her Husband’s “Jim”… (Jim is part of the family too.)


The S-Mum Blog is about writing.  Mammy only collaborates and works with companies and causes she genuinely likes and uses. 

Contact Maria on thedonegalmammy@gmail.com or see her Media Kit


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