I am Snuggle-Mum

Duvet days. We dream of them. Yet, when we do get the chance, how many of us actually take them?

When the opportunity for a duvet day presents itself, I bet that nearly all of us, don’t actually get our behinds onto the sofa for more than ten minutes.

Duvet days should be renamed “Do it” days. These are the days where we catch up on the washing, mop the sticky floors, stock up the freezer, or finally make that phone call to sort out that insurance or bill…And these days are gooood.
We may not have spent the day relaxing, but we’ve climbed up a little of the mountain of stuff that needs done. And it might just result in having time at the weekend to snuggle.

I frequently find myself looking at my Mini-Me during my working week and just longing to spend a full day snuggled up on the sofa with her. Of course, keeping a very busy 3 year old snuggled up for more than 25 minutes, is pretty impossible.
On the rare occasion that we do get a chance to snuggle for a few hours, she gets distracted by a game or toy, (or needs a pee!), and we’re inevitably pulled from our snuglywuggles.

I’m currently off work for a few days and as usual, have list of things to do. Having just moved house, there’s a room full of boxes to unpack. I haven’t really even touched upon the things I intended to do this week. I’ve just been too bloody shattered!

Last night, a friend told me she’d stayed in her PJs until 6pm. I was instantly jealous. Of course, with two young kids, she too was busy all day, but the thought of staying in my pjs past 7.30am was just amazing. As I lay in bed this morning going through my “to-do” list got the day, I thought of her words. And I made a decision.

Today, I would do a whole pile of absolutely nothing. I promise myself that I will indeed stay in my pjs until just before I head for the theatre. Mini-me and I read stories, build jigsaws, watch Minions (for a change!), and play a very rule-free version of Twister. When she asks to “ply like tinkabell”, I pick her up and fly her around the room until we’re both in a heap of glitter and giggles on the floor.

We snuggle like we’ve never snuggled before and I enjoy every, single, snugly second… Until I remember that the bed needs made up, and I need to leave dinner for Husband, and I need to get bin labels, and Granny’s coming over to babysit later so I really should tidy up a bit and… Well, you know yourself. Reality pulls the fluffy duvet off me.
But I lasted 5 hours and it was so good while it lasted. Madam is sipping hot chocolate and is as happy as the proverbial pig, having had Mammy’s undivided attention for 5 hours. And I had hers. I got to watch her and adore her and play with her…properly. So I’m feeling pretty chilled out too… Oh! And I am still in my PJs! 😉
I am indeed Snuggle-Mum. X



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