I am Suck it up Mum

Right. Feck it.

I’m doing it.

Before and After Posts… Let’s call out the BS.

This is my first Before and After post. The two photographs were snapped only 3 seconds apart. 😅

So what did I do? What did I take? A magic pill? A Fantabulous Super-shake? A cup of Magic Tea? Nope.

A breath.

I took a breath. 😅

I straightened my back, turned my body slightly and sucked it all in!👇👇👇 You see, yes, I might be back in my favourite jeans, (after 16 months of training in Jim- NOT overnight), but after 2 magnificently STRETCHY pregnancies and two VERY messy C-Sections, my Belly is not what it might APPEAR to be when you meet me in my clothes! 😂

It’s squishy. It’s soft. It’s covered in stretch marks. There is extra skin that sags when I suck in my tummy. If I relax my tummy muscles, it is quite humongous! 💕

Some days I love it. Some days I hate it. Somedays I am so bloated that I look like I’m 6 months pregnant again. But everyday, I look in the mirror and I see a real life miracle. The stretch marks are my war wounds. My skin is stretchy because it made a house to grow my babies in. 💕It’s my Post-Baby Belly and the only person whose opinion on it matters, is ME.

So when your news feed is full of “Weight loss” adverts showing you “before and after” shots of how you can lose “15 stone in a day” if you just sign up to their pyramidic BS shakes, pills, teas, knickers etc, remember that it is likely that the pictures might just be BS. And when you see someone posting their “Look at my abs” pics, telling you how happy they are with their progress, there MIGHT just be another photograph in their camera roll that they HAVEN’T chosen to share.

If I had posted these and said there had been a 6 month gap between photographs, chances are you’d have believed me. (And of course, you WILL see GENUINE “Before and After” photographs of GENUINE weight loss journeys, but they are “JOURNEYS”, with hard work and sweat and determination, NOT miracle products.)😲

And if your body has stretched and changed to grow your minions, be proud of it. It’s yours. It’s a miracle and it’s beautiful, whether you suck it in or let it all hang out. Have a fablis Friday my Lovelies.

(It goes without saying that anyone who feels like writing anything hateful or negative, has my polite invitation to go build themselves and bridge and get over themselves. My body. Not yours.) 😙😙😙

#beattheBS #realityplease #postbabybelly #perspective

One thought on “I am Suck it up Mum

  1. Reblogged this on The S-Mum and commented:

    I’m walking like John Wayne.

    NEVER again will I abandon my Jim. I went back on Tuesday night after over 3 weeks off. Between the show, being away for work and then hurting my back, I haven’t been able to train. Yesterday, I was smug as I wasn’t too bad. Today, I could go up stairs, but going down them wasn’t too hot. I’m feeling better after another session this evening and I know the aches will pass so I’m sucking it up and getting on with it. It’s only 12 weeks until the bikini goes on and Himself has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and start some different training with him. I’ve been doing classes for years and love lifting stuff so he’s doing me up a new plan which will be a mix of classes and weight sessions.

    Speaking of Sucking it up, here’s a wee repost of one that got a huge reaction a few months ago.

    Now calm yerselves. I know that not everyone is interested in fitness and so I won’t be posting about it on here. If you ARE interested however, follow my Instagram account for stories and updates. I’ll keep it over there and on the lifestyle section of my website.

    In other news, the week of 43 days is almost done. I should be cleaning my house. I am NOT cleaning my house. I am cooking dinner and shall be parking my arse on the sofa until it’s time to hobble to bed.
    A hot bath might be just what I need.

    Happy nearly the Weekend Lovelies. xx


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