I am Superexcited Mum

​Oooooooh the excitement! 🌞🌞🌞
@secretsofsmum has been “LONG-LISTED” for the LITTLEWOODS IRELAND BLOG AWARDS 2016. 😆😆
I’ve never been long-listed for ANYTHING before.


I am also pretty sure it means that I must quaff prosecco tonight to celebrate the longingofthelisting.🍾
Seriously, if I read the terms and conditions, compulsory supping of the bubbles is in there somewhere. 🎉🎊
Thank you all for the follows and likes and comments and please continue to share and tag if you’re enjoying my S-Mumblings.
Now, I’m off to be a fecking Longlisted Supermum and “Mary Poppins”

 these two to their respective beds so that the quaffing of the longlistedness bubbles can commence.

Much love guys and dolls 


#SMum #Mammyblogger #Mummy #MiniMeAndPrincess #SecretsOfSMum #littlewoodsirelandblogawards 

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