I am Sooooo glad it’s bedtime Mum 

Sweet Jesus and the wee donkey, there are some bedtimes that are SOOOOOOO much more adored and precious than others.
Today was long.
Really, fricken, long. 😂
I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’m starving. 

I’m so glad that it’s bedtime that I could cry with joy.
And that was without a hangover.

I’ve spent the evening congratulating myself and thanking myself (twice out loud) for being so fantastically well behaved last night.  

Because I don’t think I would have survived today if I’d partied too hard last night. 🍾🎊🎉😔
Princess started to crawl on Tuesday. This is Friday.

  Today’s trick has been to constantly pull herself up to STANDING, (YES STANDING,) at the window sill, sofa, chair, side of cot…whatever… 
But she can’t get down again, so has spent most of the day standing screaming at me to hurry the feck up and help her back on to her pudgy arse before she lands on her head.
Shes 8 months, still toothless, crawling for 3 whole days…and now she can stand.

I’m not quite ready for this shit.

Not today anyway.

Remember when you could leave them on the mat and pop for a pee for 30 seconds knowing that they wouldn’t have moved? 

Yup.  THOSE good old days are GONE. 😡😡
Also today, Mini-Me told me to “Relax yourself now Mummy. I want to hear the radio please.”

I shit you not. 😂😂
So, now it’s bedtime.

They’ve both gone to sleep without much protest thank Goodness.
I’ve just text the Him to VERY POLITELY request that he MIGHT consider driving past and popping into a certain Indian restaurant on his way home and that I would reward him with polite and intelligent conversation if some of their fine cuisine just happened to end up in his batmobile for me.
I didn’t threaten violence.

I didn’t suggest that the furbaby’s kennel is very comfortable.

I even said please. 😇
On another note, THIS 👇👇👇👇 amazingful picture by my genius Mini-Me has been on my fridge for weeks. It’s Rapunzel’s tower.  

Only today did I suddenly realise that it might be misconstrued by a dirtier mind to look like something else.

But I bet none of you Lovelies saw anything phallic? 

Of course not.

Because you’re all nice and ladylike. 😂💖

After surviving today, I’m going to have another one of my 5 a day 🍷and relax with some grapes.

Did I mention that I love Bedtimes?
Here’s to a fablis and safe bank holiday weekend my Pretties.


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