I am So-Chuffed Mum 

The absolute coolest thing happened to S-Mum this evening.

I have been smiling since and the Him is ready to throw me out a window because I haven’t shut up since I came home.
I popped to Marksy Spendies to buy a bottle of bubbles🍾 (so me and the Him can toast the fact that 12 years ago today, we were young, free and single enough to get rat arsed and bump into each other by accident 😂at a party in a garage and start living happily ever after. 😂😚💖…not that I need an excuse to buy Bubbles, but still.)


I popped to Marksy Spendies to buy a bottle of bubbles


I got ASKED FOR I.D!!!!!!! 😂😂😂
I was looking a bit skanky tbh. I was going for my usual no makeup/mummybun/windswept and interesting look. I do it fablisly. 😂😂

I was going through my purse to see if I had enough change for the parcark and I heard the voice. 

“Do you have ID on you please?” 

I checked my phone then glanced up to see whay he hadn’t asked for money.

I was met by an expectant look and a slight fear…

“Sorry! Are you asking me for ID? OH MY GOOOOOOD THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!” I gushed.
I swear to God, I felt like I’d won the fricken Rose of Tralee! Music started to play adn people began to clap and cheer and I was about to begin my acceptance speech, wiping a shocked and oh so humble imaginary tear from my eye. 🎉🎉

The buck at the other till started laughing.

My best friend John (yes I established his name afterwards because he can’t JUST be the boyo at the till in Marksy Spendies when he’s been part of such a momentous moment in my life now can he?), John realised that perhaps I am a little bit more than 25 and began to blush furiously.

He blushed.

I continued to gush. 😂
“Can you ask me again please? I wasn’t quite ready for that!” I begged.

John didn’t quite know what to say so he just laughed.

At this stage, his two colleagues at the other tills were also laughing and looking at me quite piteously.  They were probably thinking “CRAZY LADY!”

“You’ll understand some day!” I grinned at the 19 year old girl who was looking at me as if I had grown three tits on my forehead.
I didn’t care that they thought me odd.

At that moment, despite my utter skankiness, I looked young and wrinkle free enough to be asked for I-fricken-D!
“You’ve just made my night.  Thank you!” I slabbered as I left the checkout and left them all shaking their heads in bufuddlement.
And I smiled all the way to the car and all the way home.

And I’m still smiling.

Because yes, I am THAT BLOODY SAD!

(Which is ironic, because actually, it all made me so happy!) 🌞🌞🌞
Now, the Him is getting Mini-Me (aka The Hulk) to bed and I’m about to be a culinary genius while supping on the bubbles.🍾🍾
I do hope your Saturdays are utterly fablis my Pretties. 💖💖💖

(Just call me Benjamin Button!) 😂😂😂
I am So-Chuffed Mum 😚😚

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