I am Sharing-an-ice-cream Mum

​Today I am Sharing an ice cream Mum.
This is how Mini-Me and I ate her icecream cone today. 

Imagine that I would have the nerve to be so close to my child? 

Obviously I look soooooo much more fablis than Victoria Beckham in this snap. 😂

And no one would ever say we’re inappropriate or too close because there’s a big chunk of wafer between our lips. 😬

And no one would ever dare to comment that the image is sexualised would they?  😡


That whole nonsense a fee weeks ago made me laugh. 

I kiss my girlies on the lips everyday. 

They’re my children. 

We show affection.

It’s how we roll.

And if anyone sees anything in this picture other than a happy 4 year old messing with her Mamma Bear, then guess who has the problem? 
Hope you all had a fablis Sunday?
I’m currently sitting on the side of the bath, allowing layer #173 of shitty fake tan to dry so my skin look AMAZEBALLS for tomorrow’s wedding.

I am almost mahogany. 💩💩
I am sipping the bubbles that I didn’t ACTUALLY open last night because I fell asleep at stupid o’clock. 😪😪
I’m also CURSING the very polite and lovely sales assistant in Debbie-of-the-nams who NEARLY got me to sign up for a store card yesterday, but who forgot to take the security tag OFF THE FECKIN DRESS I am wearing tomorrow. 
I will now have to be at the door at 9am to get it sorted, then get home, fed, haired, muck-uped, children slid across the field to Granny’s and BACK in Derry for 12.15pm.

(Seriously need to invest in a wee shuttle track over to her garden…)
Yes.  Tomorrow morning will be fun.
Hope the bank holiday weekend is going wonderfully my pretties.

Keep kissing those beautiful babies. 😘😘

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