I am Seriously Procrastinating Mum

​S-Mum has a plan.
It is quite genius if I’m honest.
If I refuse to start THINKING about school, I won’t have to face the fact that it’s ACTUALLY happening.
It’s creeping up on me like a fricken creepy stalker type in a bad horror movie.👹👹
And in our house, it’s a double whammy, because not only do I have to start back at school after 11 wonderful months as a SAHM, my precious (if slightly terrifying!) Mini-Me is starting BIG School too.
To be honest, my biggest fear is my brain.

I dont think it’s going to able to cope with the added THINKING required to 

a) be in anyway intelligent and competent in school

b) be organised to start a new routine 

c) keep all the plates I am spinning already from smashing when another HUGE plate is added to the mix.
So, my plan is to just IGNORE IT.
Isn’t S-Mum clever?
I have yet to buy ANYTHING except a schoolbag for Herself.
No shoes, No PE kit, No back to school teacher wardrobe for me…NOTHING.

I haven’t even raided Asda’s stationery aisle yet.

THAT is a miracle… 😂😂
And until I go into Penneys and fill 2 baskets with grey trousers, navy polo necks, blah blouses and nude fricken rotten tights, it won’t be real.
And until I take Her to buy school shoes, she’s not REALLY starting Big school is she?
I shall enjoy another week of normality.

I shall enjoy my girlies, snotters and all.

I shall enjoy having a glass of grape juice🍷 on a Monday if I so wish.

I shall enjoy my Forrest Gumpedness for just a little longer.

Procrastination does work.

I AM indeed a genius.

Or a Chicken…

Time for that grape-juice…while I still can! 


One thought on “I am Seriously Procrastinating Mum

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