I’ve made the SHORTLIST guys!

Just got a loveliful email from the LITTLEWOODS IRELAND BLOG AWARDS  to tell me that I’ve been shortlisted in BOTH of the categories I’m in! 

Best Parenting Blog & Best Blog Post for my “I am Shake-a-bootay Mum” post.
I am so fricken excited!
What a crazy week it’s been.
  Public voting opens tomorrow until the 23rd.  I’ll figure out the details once I get Snottery-arse and Soaked-in-mud to their beds!
Thank you all for liking and reading my S-mumblings so far.😲

  I’m glad that it’s not just my Mammy who enjoys them, (even though I’m sure she sometimes cringes in mortification!)

Anybuts, did I tell you I’ve been SHORTLISTED?!

Shortlisted AND published in the same week!

I should have entered the RoseyTralee…that could have been my Number 3 win this week! 😅
I’m excited.
Are you excited?
Should we have bubbles to celebrate?

It has to be in those terms & conditions somewhere?
I wonder would Littlewoods sponsor me some new bubbles and grapejuice glasses?
Oh my! 
I am Shortlisted Mum. 😘😘😘
#SMum #LWIBloggies2016 #Shortlisted

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