I am Saturday Morning Love Letter Mum

โ€‹A Love Letter to my Beautiful Daughters.
To my daughters.

You know how much I love you both. But on this particular morning, I go above and beyond to express my adoration for you.  You are the absolute loves of my life and I would do ANYTHING for you both.  This morning, I prove this.
I have many things to teach you in life my Darlings.  Love, respect, manners, Dance routines, Beyonce lyrics… I will endeavour to give you the skills you need to spot a Gobshite from 100 yards, to identify Liars before they get into your head, to determine who is real and who is a Master of Bullsheeeet… skills I am still learning myself.  You, my precious Darlings, shall be armed and ready for all of these, and yet you shall STILL encounter them and you shall probably make some of the same mistakes that I did… do.
I shall teach you lots of things. But this morning, as the wind and rain batters the house and my to-do list is laughing at me from the table, where it lies forever unfinished, there is only ONE thing that I TRULY want you to understand.

I NEED you to understand that a Saturday morning is DIFFERENT.
Monday through Friday, I HAVE TO WAKEN YOU at 7.30am to get us out the door. 

But this morning? 

This morning, you BOTH bounce to full blown Minioness at STUPID O’CLOCK.
You have obviously conspired against your poor Mamma Bear. 

Is this my punishment for having 2 hours of Me-only time with Scrumptious Pacha last night?

Did you have a midnight meeting to establish your coincidentally coordinated wakeup time of 6.03am?

Do you not love me?

Do ypu not care?
Of course you don’t!

You’re both snuggled on the floor, in your fluffy dressing gowns, engrossed in that snottery little bitch Peppa Pig, while I am on Coffee number 3.

You don’t give a continental crap that it’s  a Saturday.
And why should you? 

I do love you, no less this morning, although I complain that it feels like lunchtime already.

I just hope you appreciate my sacrifices.

Sleep, bed, slumber, adult only snuggles… who needs them eh? 

You’re cute and funny and slabbery and adorable and I love you both more than I love myself, even at stupid o’ clock on a SATURDAY.
Now, my Darlings, tomorrow is Sunday…SUNDAY! 

And it’s Daddy’
s turn to get up with you, so feel free to awake from your slumber whenever you so please!
Love always my little fluffybums,

Mammy xxxxxxx


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