I am She’s Naming Babies Mum

​Is there ANYTHING more exciting and wonderful and joyful than hearing that one of your best buddies has just had a baby?
It puts EVERYONE in a good mood doesn’t it?  As the news of a birth filters through a room, even the crankiest face melts into a genuine smile and a little burst of love just radiates out of everyone, if only for a split second.  It’s one of those special feelings that if we could bottle, would be priceless.
Well, my friend had a perfect little Princess and she’s ADORABLE.  I’ve seen the photographs (and despite S-Mum being very happy with my 2.4 rascals, one of my ovaries MAY have done a little flip…just a small one mind you!😂😂)  There’s something so incredibly heart warming and love inducing about that first snap of a beautiful, squishee, perfect little bundle. I can’t WAIT to go visit and get a squeeze.  😇😇
So I pick up Mini-Me from school and as we’re getting into the car, I tell her the news.

(I’m changing the names because it’s not my news to share 💚, but the conversation went like this…)
“Guess who got a new baby today?”



“No waaaaaay?”

“Is it a boy baby or a gurl baby?”

“A little girl.”

“Does her have a name?”

“Yes! It’s Anna May.”

“Nooooooooooo! It’s NOT! You wing her wight now and tell her she got the wong name!”

“The wrong name?”

“Yes.  The Baby’s name is supposedabe Rosie.”



“Rosie Sparkles is your fairy’s name Darling.”

OkAAAAAY then.  She can call her ROSIE SPARKLES Anna May then! Wing her now.”

“I will not.  She’s the baby’s Mammy and it’s HER job to give the baby a name and Anna May is a LOVELY name. Ok?”


“Fine then.  Rosie Anna May then…”
I ask you… 😂😂
And you know what? I have just text the Beautiful new Supermum to inform her of the change in her naming plans, because this little Madam will refuse point blank to call her anything other than fricken Rosie!   
It’s perfectly reasonable to let your friend’s Child name your baby after her Fairy isn’t it?  
Of course it is! 😂😂😂😂

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