I am Some Proper Fun Mum

Just play…¬†ūüėć

“We couldn’t!”
“Why not?”
“But people will see!?”
“Just play my wee Darlings. Go kick in the leaves.”
Throw them and toss them and kick them so high
And don’t give a thought to those who ask “why?”
You’re never too old to play and to laugh
And sometimes it’s better to step off the path.
The sounds and the giggles, the freedom, the Smiles.
There is no age limit on being a child.
“We did it!”
“You did. And aren’t you glad?”
There’s no room for self-doubt when there’s fun to be had.

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 My Leaving Certs having the time of their lives in Hyde Park on Friday.

I am Sleepy Mum

“I am vewy disappointed in your behaviour!”

These are the words that I heard through the baby monitor at around 3am. I heaved my backside out of bed and waddled across the hall to see who exactly had disappointed my threenager at this ridiculous hour.


Mini-me was sitting upright in her bed, having assembled her dollies and teddy bears around her and was wide awake and quite happily giving orders and giving out to her audience.

“Are you Ok Baby?” I asked carefully.

“I’m the teacher Mammy,” she announced as if this was perfectly acceptable behaviour in the middle of the night.

“Percy Penguin had to go in the naughty corner cos he’s been very cheeky and I’m very disappointed wif his behaviour.”

In the dim light from the hall, I could see that poor Percy was lying, fluffy arse up, in the toy box, having obviously been launched across the room by Teacher.

What had he done?  Who knows, but it was enough to warrant his banishment to the dark side. And Mini-Me was determined that he deserved his punishment.

“Aw Poor Percy. Will Mammy lift him up to you again?” I ventured.

“No! ¬†He is not being a very good penguin!” she scolded.

“Okay, okay. ¬†Can you please go back to sleep now Honey? ¬†It’s the middle of the night.”

“But Mammy, I have to be the teacher!”

“You can be the teacher in the morning.”

You can imagine the rest of the conversation. ¬†As I sat at the bottom of the bed, begging her to go back to sleep, I struggled not to laugh¬†at the utter determination on her face as she completely and truly believed everything that was taking place in her imagination. ¬†And yet, I couldn’t help but stare and smile at how utterly beautiful her innocent little face was in the nightlight. ¬†Everything that was happening in her mind was absolutely real to her. And if it hadn’t been the middle of the night, I would have encouraged it.

Humorous little girl playing teacher in classroom

Since starting Pre-school, Little Miss Bossy Pants has been blossoming by the day. Her imagination has exploded from already very vivid, to absolutely crazy. ¬†She’s mimicking her lovely new teachers. ¬†She’s turned her teddybears into her “students”. ¬†Even though she’s never seen me in the classroom, she’s playing the “School teacher” in a way that maybe only the daughter of one, can.

She eventually went back to sleep. ¬†I eventually got back to my own bed. ¬†As shattered as I was, it was a relief that she was awake for such silly reasons. ¬†She wasn’t sick. ¬†She wasn’t having bad dreams and she wasn’t crying. ¬†So I had nothing to complain about. ¬†I drifted back to sleep, laughing to myself at the ridiculousness of the conversations one can have with a three year old at 4am.

Maybe she’s doing me a favour. ¬†Maybe she’s so clever that she’s easing Mammy into the world of sleepless nights again in preparation for Babba number 2? Or Maybe Percy was quite simply being a bold penguin.

Regardless of what exactly caused her to leave her dreams and wake up for full-on playtime at stupid o’clock, she bounced out of bed this morning and happily lifted Percy Penguin from his exile. ¬†Putting him back on the bed, she announced “Now, I hope you’ve learned your lesson Percy. ¬†I don’t want to see that behaviour again.” ¬†Whatever his crime, she hadn’t forgotten, but she’d forgiven him.

In the same way, as parents, we quickly forget the pain of being ripped from our sleep in the middle of the night as long as our little rascals are Ok.

But tonight, if she decides to play Teacher, I hope that Poor Percy behaves himself!

I am Sleepy Mum. ūüôā


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I am Silly Mum

imagineSilly Mammy!” I hear this daily. Sometimes it’s true.

I have found that since Mini-me suddenly turned from baby to toddler, that my inhibitions have pretty much diminished. ¬†I went from thinking I didn’t care what people thought of me, to actually not giving a toss what people think of me. ¬†It’s changed my life for the better and I owe it all to her.

I’ve always been a performer. ¬†I’ve dressed up. I’ve worn ridiculous costumes. ¬†I’ve danced¬†ridiculous dances. ¬†I’ve even stripped to my undies…but always in the safety of the stage. ¬†My local theatre stage has allowed me to be dozens of different characters; the Liesl, the lady, the bitch, the hooker –¬†and more times than enough, the blonde bimbo.

But no stage equates to the characters a Mummy can assume when raising a toddler!

At present, Mini-Me often assigns my character to me. ¬†“Look Elsa!” ¬†or “No Anna. I have to find Sven“. ¬†Games that require the adoption of instant imaginary persona, are even coming more naturally to my Husband, who more often than not has to break into sporadic song, (whether he likes it or not!).

I’ve been every Disney Princess imaginable. ¬†I’ve been an elephant. ¬†I’ve been a spaceship. ¬†I’ve been a mouse and I’ve been a scary monster. Whatever she wants me to be really.


Today, I am Tinkerbell (apparently) as I am donning a green bobbed wig and am dressed from head to toe in green for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration at school. ¬†I look ridiculous. ¬†A part of me feels ridiculous. ¬†I wouldn’t have dreamed of dropping her to childcare and driving to school like this a few years ago. I nearly didn’t this morning!

I can’t do this…can I?” was my first though when I looked in the mirror. Then, she bounced around the corner and her wee face said it all. ¬†She grinned and announced “Oh Mummy! Your gween¬†hair is boooootiful! SilleeeeMammeeeee!”…and so, feck it, it stayed on.

Yes, people are laughing at me. ¬†I made quite a few students giggle and snort as I flounced to my classroom. I’ve had colleagues shake their heads, baffled…but people are smiling. ¬†I decided to teach my first years Ceil√≠ dancing instead of Poetry. They loved it. So did I. They think I’m silly (or crazy as one of them happily told me!). ¬†So do I!

But I’m having fun and if nothing else, I might just be teaching some of them that standing out and being different¬†is harmless. If they think it’s silly, good! If they think it’s fun, even better! If they don’t like the wig, they can ignore it.¬†Some people will always be uncomfortable with fun. ¬†There’s not really much we can do about that is there?

Mini-me has taught me how to play again. She’s teaching me that it’s OK to be silly. ¬†It’s much more fun than being serious all the time. ¬†I adore how she’s happy to wear her Elsa dress into town. ¬†I admire how she smiles happily when people tell her she’s beautiful. ¬†I love how she spins around when someone tells her that they love her dress. ¬†My response to that is “Penneys best!”, automatically dismissing the compliment.

We don’t take compliments very well. ¬†We don’t usually put ourselves in the spotlight… well, off the stage anyhow. ¬†We dress as¬†fashion allows, so as not to stand out too much. ¬†We’ve forgotten how to be silly.

But we should¬†be silly. ¬†We should wear what we want. ¬†We should sing at the top of our voices, even if it’s awful. ¬†We should wear green wigs if the occasion presents itself. We should teach our kids to be who they want to be, how they want to be, and not to worry too much what people think of them.

She’s teaching me to be silly. ¬†I’ll happily oblige! ¬†It’s liberating. ¬†It’s free and it’s fun!

And while, I’ll be teaching Shakespeare in about 20 minutes time and being very serious, I’ll also be wearing a green wig. ¬†What my LC class make of that, is completely up to them.

Because today, I am indeed Silly-Mum! x

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