I am So Noisy Mum

Have you ever noticed how NOISY the following things can be in certain situations?

Situation: Trying to get OUT of wobbler’s bedroom after putting her down for nap, the following things will sound like a 65 piece orchestra, with 398 microphones in a 15sq ft room…

1. Bare Feet being lifted off a wooden floor
2. Shoes hitting the floor, no matter how gently you step
3. The dog’s nails on the wooden floor in the kitchen, at the OTHER END OF THE HOUSE!
4. Your mobile vibrating on the worktop in the kitchen at the OTHER END OF THE HOUSE!
5. Your breathing
6. Your hand being removed from the side of the cot? (You might as well roar like an elephant!)
7. Your breathing
8. Your spine as you straighten your back to stand up!
9. Your EYEBALL as it moves towards the door which seems 56 miles away
10. The material of your clothes as it MOVES; like when your thighs meet as you walk…

Seriously? It’s as if every NON-sound is magnified and amplified by 100% and your baby’s hearing turns supersonic.

Sometimes, I seriously consider just standing there, not moving, not breathing… just to let her sleep.
Anyone else as mad as me?😂

What’s the noisiest thing in your house right now?

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